Sulzano is a historical village in the area of the Iseo Lake. It is easily accessible from Brescia (30 minutes).

Lake Iseo. The lake constitutes a valuable environmental heritage. The territory includes delightful landscapes.

The blue sky mirrors in the clean waters, illuminating the colorful sight of the verdant vegetation. Montisola, the island lying in the midst of the lake, is a picturesque fishing village which still evokes the typical charming atmosphere of the olden days.

Travel itineraries around the Lake of Iseo: Sulzano is the starting point of several trails, to be covered on foot or by bike. You can visit the islands, Montisola and the Ceriola Sanctuary, with its breathtaking panorama; you can travel in the inland, visiting the renowned wine cellars of Franciacorta and tasting some of the best wines of the country; for bike-lovers, several paths traverse the natural reserve of “Torbiere” and the Park of Petroglyphs.

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