The Cusine

The cuisine is chiefly traditional, with a special regard to the exquisite local products.

Among starters, “Cacciatore” and “Pescatore” consist respectively in a selection of salamis, hams, pickled veggies, and a selection of lake/sea fishes to be tasted as mousse, carpaccio, cream, or “carpione”.

Among pasta dishes, our specialty is “Tagliolini all’Oca” (tagliolini with duck meatsauce); then homemade Casoncelli, traditional dumplings with seasonal fillings.

Our pasta and main courses are also prepared with delicious fresh ingredients. Lake fish, bushmeat and birdfowl figure prominently in our menu: duck, boar, deer, trout, salmerino… and the “Montisola sardines”, a special recipe!

Our guests will also take advantage of the rich buffet, with a wide selection of seasonal vegetables and local cheeses. Dulcis in fundo, our desserts are all homemade: try the tasty Tiramisù, the lovely Chocolate Mousse, the crunchy Torroncino…
We also offer several options for vegetarian and celiac customers, and any other sort of food intolerance. It is our pleasure to meet all needs of our guests!

Some images of our dishes


The Products

For our cuisine, we privilege the exquisite products of our territory. Among these, a special regard to the gourmet cheeses: for instance Fatulì, smoket goat cheese from Val Saviore; Brè, seasoned in old air-raid shelters. And the fresh Formaggella, Castellaccio, savory Bagoss…

Concerning fish-dishes, we recommend Salmerino and typical Iseo dried-up Sardines.